The Official Hackathon of the 2018 DocuSign Momentum Conference



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At the 2018 DocuSign Hackathon in San Francisco, developers will be creating ground-breaking eSignature implementations and competing for a number of prizes, all of which include cash! 

Visit the DocuSign Developer Center to read up on the various resources available for use at the hackathon. Also, be sure to check out the Salesforce Lightning Platform and The Google Cloud

We'll have mentors onsite from DocuSign, Salesforce and Google to help you with your projects!

DocuSign: Get Started 

 Google: Get Started 

Get started with Google Cloud Platform here:  

Sign up for a Free Trial (New users receive $300 USD in credit!):    

Prepare for hacking with hundreds of Google Codelabs to learn from:

Find client libraries, code examples, and more on GitHub:    

Any Questions?     Feel free to email the Google team at <> or message us on slack #ask-google!  and we’ll see you in person on Saturday June 9th!  

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Anyone who complies with our rules is welcome to hack!


Submissions open at 10 AM on Saturday, June 9th. Submissions close at 12 PM on Sunday, June 10th. 

Please include a description of your location in your submission (room, desk,etc).

Please include a link to a Git repository containing your project. You must clearly disclose which code you wrote yourself within the timeframe of the hackathon and let the judges know about any libraries or API's you used.

How to enter

To compete, you must register through this form !


Tom Casey

Tom Casey
SVP, Engineering, DocuSign

Marie Huwe

Marie Huwe
VP, Developer Programs and Evangelism, DocuSign

Desirée Dugas

Desirée Dugas
Director of IT Programs, City Year

Aaron Liao

Aaron Liao
Director, Developer Evangelism, DocuSign

Heather Conklin

Heather Conklin
VP, Product Management, Salesforce

Robert Kapanen

Robert Kapanen
Strategic Technology Partnerships, Google

Melissa Frank Huff

Melissa Frank Huff
Sr. Director, Program Management, DocuSign

Kiran Kaza

Kiran Kaza
Sr. Director, Engineering, DocuSign

Judging Criteria

  • Code-Complete
    Is the project finished? We will only judge completed code.
  • Technically Impressive
    How well does the project express the core ideals of the challenge? Is it an impressive work given the time permitted?
  • Innovative
    Does the project actually use DocuSign and sponsor software in a novel way? Or, instead, does it just copy something that has already been done many times before?
  • Well Designed
    Does the project include appropriate style & branding? How would you evaluate the overall user experience?
  • Product-Market Fit
    Does hack fix a customer problem or is it a “nice to have”?